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Customers using Artec’s 3D Scanning Technology:

  • Target
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  • Toyota
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3d scanning has never been so portable

affordable handheld solutions

Artec handheld 3D scanners are a professional line of 3D scanning solutions. They provide high resolution 3D scanning quality with fast scan speed, while being easy to use.

Their systems are portable, lightweight, and compatible with several popular tablets. Scan wherever you need to scan. Versatile across industry applications, you can take them anywhere to capture objects into 3D models in the lab, at the office, and even in remote areas.

Artec handheld 3D scanners can be battery powered

Artec 3D Scanner Models

There are a wide range of Artec 3D scanner models that suit different 3D scanning needs. Whether you need to scan an object as small as a tooth or something as big as an aircraft or a scene, we’ve got you covered.

scan very small size
Artec Micro

Scan Size: Very small

Scanner Type: Desktop (metrology-grade)
Accuracy: Up to 0.005 mm
Repeatability: Up to 0.002 mm

Engine valves, connectors, small parts, watch gears & parts, electronic components, human teeth & jewelry

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scan small size
Artec Space Spider

Scan Size: Small

Scanner Type: Handheld (ultra-high-resolution)
Accuracy: Up to 0.05 mm
Resolution: Up to 0.1 mm

Compressors, small tools, PCBs, keys & coins, fasteners, small archaeological objects, body parts such as ears and jaw bones

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scan medium size
Artec Eva

Scan Size: Medium

Scanner Type: Handheld (versatile)
Accuracy: Up to 0.1 mm
Resolution: Up to 0.2 mm (New! AI-powered HD mode →)

Gearboxes, construction equipment, castings, alloy wheels, human body, furniture, statues

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scan medium to large size
Artec Leo

Scan Size: Medium – Large

Scanner Type: Handheld (with internal processing)
Accuracy: Up to 0.1 mm
Resolution: Up to 0.2 mm (New! AI-powered HD mode →)

Autobody and interior, industrial equipment, ship propellers, small boats, human body scans, furniture & room interiors

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scan very large size
Artec Ray

Scan Size: Very Large

Scanner Type: Long Range (metrology-grade, Lidar)
Accuracy: @10m 1.9mm, @20m 2.9mm, @40m 5.3mm
Resolution: 2 million points/second

Airplanes, small & large vehicles, ships, wind turbines, warehouses, factory floors, archaeological sites, aircraft hangars

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Which 3D Scanner Is Right For You?

If you are having a difficult time figuring out which one is right for you, we can help.

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New AI-Powered HD Mode

Get 2x Resolution for Eva and Leo 3D Scanners

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Available Demo 3D Scanners
  • Artec Micro II
  • Artec Space Spider
  • Artec Eva
  • Artec Leo
  • Artec Ray II

We can show you how Artec 3D scanners can transform the way you work. GoMeasure3D is both a Gold Certified authorized Artec reseller and the first to be an Artec Ambassador partner in the USA. Our team has many years of knowledge and experience using their hardware and software. We have all the Artec 3D scanners readily available at our office to provide you with a demo—in our office, at your location, or virtually in real-time on your computer.


  • Easy to Use
    Best-In-Class User Experience

    Artec 3D scanners use the latest technologies to create an enjoyable 3D scanning experience.

  • Extremely Versatile
    Extremely Versatile

    All Artec models can scan a broad range of objects, making them valuable for different applications across many industries.

  • Target Free
    Target-Free Technology

    Plug and play. Start scanning right away. With Artec scanners, you don’t need to prepare the object such as adding markers.

Artec Cloud

Artec Cloud: A New Way To Work

Share, process, and collaborate 3D scan data anywhere⁠—directly on any web browser.

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Digitize A Whole Environment

Artec 3D scanners can be used together to capture high-accuracy and high-resolution 3D scans of complex environments with objects of varying sizes and detail. For example, you can capture the entire airplane hangar with aircraft, service vehicles, and equipment.

Truly Mobile 3D Scanning

Artec Leo and Ray II give you true freedom for mobile 3D scanning. Great for off-site 3D scanning, they don’t require a computer or a laptop during the 3D capturing process. Artec Leo has onboard processing and a built-in touchscreen that makes looking and modifying settings that much easier. Artec Ray can be controlled by a mobile app for iOS and Android.

3D Scanning Applications

Artec 3D scanners open up 3D scanning technologies for countless industries with its performance and affordability, including:

  • Manufacturing and Industrial Design

    Manufacturing and Industrial Design

    Quality Control, Product Development, Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping

  • Arts and History

    Arts and History

    Architecture, Computer Graphics, Fashion Design, Cultural Preservation

  • Medical and Health Care

    Medical and Health Care

    Prosthetics, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery

  • Science and Education

    Science and Education

    Forensics, Scientific Research, 3D Measurement

Integrating 3D Scanning
to the Art of Bronze Sculpting

Discover how Jamie Lester at Vandalia Bronze integrates 3D scanning into his artwork to enhance his craft.

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Powered by Artec Studio Software

Artec Scanning Software

Artec 3D scanners use Artec Studio to power the 3D scanning process and advanced processing of scan data. Audible and visual aids guide you through the process and to make sure you are scanning correctly. Once you have captured the data, you can optimize your 3D models using the most advanced algorithms and features inside the software to create a perfect 3D digital representation.

* Check out! AI-powered HD mode for Artec Eva and Leo handheld 3D scanner.

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