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Artec Handheld 3D Scanners

  • Artec Scanners
    Artec 3D Scanner Booklet

    Overview of all Artec 3D Scanners

  • Artec Scanners
    Artec Cloud

    3D online collaboration platform

  • Artec Eva
    Artec Eva

    Artec’s most versatile 3D scanner

  • Artec Space Spider
    Artec Space Spider

    Metrology grade performance

  • Artec Leo
    Artec Leo

    With built-in touchscreen

  • Artec Micro II
    Artec Micro II

    3D scanning small objects

  • Artec Ray II
    Artec Ray II

    Long-range superfast laser scanner

  • Artec Ray
    Artec Ray

    Long-Range 3D Laser Scanner

  • Comparison chart
    Artec 3D Scanner Model Comparison

    Technical specifications chart

  • Artec Studio
    Artec Studio 18 Software

    Engine for powering Artec 3D scanners

  • HD Mode
    AI-Powered HD Mode

    Technical Specifications for Best Performance

  • Artec Studio
    Computer Requirements

    How to choose a suitable computer for Artec 3D scanners

AESUB 3D Scanning Spray

Kreon Portable CMM

MicroScribe Portable CMM

Portable CMM Related Software

  • Point2CAD Software
    Point2CAD Software

    Reverse engineer directly into Solidworks

  • TeZetCAD Software
    TeZetCAD Software

    Tube bending and inspection

Rhino Software

  • Compare Rhino 8 Software Between Mac and Windows
    Compare Rhino 8 Software Features

    For Mac and Windows version

  • System Requirements for Rhino CAD Software
    Rhino 8 System Requirements

    For Mac and Windows version

  • Compare Rhino 6 Software Between Mac and Windows
    File Format Compatibility

    For Mac and Windows version

SpaceClaim Software

  • Discovery SpaceClaim Bundles
    Discovery SpaceClaim Bundles

    Discovery Essentials vs. Standard

  • SpaceClaim – STL Prep for 3D Printing
    SpaceClaim – STL Prep for 3D Printing

    Prepares models for 3D printing

  • Discovery SpaceClaim Applications
    Discovery SpaceClaim Applications

    Versatile Tools Across Industries

  • Discover Live
    ANSYS Discovery Live

    Power of simulation and analysis

  • SpaceClaim Direct Modeler
    SpaceClaim – Reverse Engineering

    Convert STL files into 3D models

  • SpaceClaim Early Concept Design
    SpaceClaim – Early Concept Design

    Modeling mechanical parts

  • SpaceClaim Compatible Files
    File Compatibility with SpaceClaim

    Import and export file formats

  • eBook
    SpaceClaim eBook

    SpaceClaim helps boost the Bottom Line

PointShape Software

  • PointShape Inspector
    PointShape Inspector

    Computer-aided inspection software



    Affordable standalone Scan to CAD software

Geomagic Software

Reverse Engineering

  • Geomagic DXE logo
    Geomagic Design X Essentials

    Entry-level version of Design X

  • Compare DXE vs DX
    Design X Essentials Vs. Design X

    Side-by-side comparison list

  • Geomagic Design X logo
    Geomagic Design X

    Feature-based modeler

  • What's new
    What’s New?

    Introducing Geomagic Design X

  • Comparison chart
    Version Comparison Chart

    New Features Comparison by Major Releases

  • Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS logo
    Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS

    Reverse engineering in SOLIDWORKS

  • graphic
    What’s New?

    Introducing Geo for SOLIDWORKS 2019

  • graphic
    Geo for SOLIDWORKS vs. Design X

    Side-by-side comparison list

  • Geomagic Wrap logo
    Geomagic Wrap

    3D scan processing software

  • Geomagic Wrap
    What’s New?

    Introducing Geomagic Wrap 2021

  • Geomagic Wrap
    Wrap Supported Files

    For 3D scanners and compatible files for import/export

  • Geomagic Software
    Software Decision Tree

    Which reverse engineering software is right for you?

3D Inspection

Digital Sculpting

  • License Types
    Geomagic Software License Types

    Four types of licenses are defined

  • Rotary Table
    Geomagic Software Requirements

    Computer specifications