Mesh2Surface For Rhino

Powerful Reverse Engineering Software
at an Affordable Price

Mesh2Surface is effective at converting 3D scan data into professional CAD models in simple steps. The reverse engineering software delivers similar performance to high end reverse engineering software.

Why Choose Mesh2Surface?

Not everyone needs expensive standalone reverse engineering software packages with all the bells and whistles for scan-to-CAD applications. Sometimes, you just need a simple yet effective solution that gets the job done–without all the complexities.

Mesh2Surface is a practical reverse engineering solution that’s affordable to get you the results you need, faster and easier. It only cost less than 10% of what you normally pay if you had to purchase a high-end reverse engineering platform.

Why Should You Reverse Engineer?

Reverse engineering eliminates the need to design from a blank slate. The process takes an existing part, captures its surface measurements using a 3D scanner, and uses this information as a reference to build a CAD model of the new design.

Low Cost Reverse Engineering Package

Mesh2Surface is a plug-in for simplifying reverse engineering tasks inside Rhinoceros (Rhino) 3D CAD modeling software. A commercial seat of Rhino including Mesh2Surface starts at just under $1,800 USD, making it the most affordable reverse engineering solution we carry. Even if you haven’t used these tools before, both Rhino and Mesh2Surface are efficient tools that are easy to learn as you go.


Mesh2Surface has many simple but efficient tools to optimize the process of converting digitized objects from non-contact 3D scanners to perfect CAD models.

With its simplified user interface and seamless integration in Rhinoceros CAD modeling software, you can:

  • Align object to world coordinate system
  • Extract shapes (i.e. planes, spheres, cones, torus, and freeform surfaces)
  • Fit constraint primitives
  • Find symmetry of an object

Scan-to-CAD Workflow

Reverse Engineering an Impeller in Under 15 Minutes

See how effective Mesh2Surface is at reverse engineering an impeller from scan-to-CAD in a short amount of time.

Reverse Engineer Organic Surfaces

In addition to prismatic parts, Mesh2Surface also works well for reverse engineering a scan file of a part with organic surfaces that has no defined geometry or shape into a CAD model.