The AESUB brand of 3D scanning spray provides an optimal coating for challenging surfaces including dark, transparent, and shiny objects, as well as objects with deep pockets. Best known for its revolutionary vanishing 3D scanning sprays, AESUB also has a semi-permanent option that can be wiped off when cleaned.

3D Scanning Spray Like No Other

AESUB 3D scanning sprays are developed for scanning challenging surfaces that would normally be difficult to do with an optical 3D scanner.

Whether your project is big or small, AESUB brand of 3D scanning sprays provides an optimal thin and homogenous coating for 3D scanning objects—with no clumps left behind. What’s great about their sublimation spray is that it disappears into the air with no messy cleanup!

See AESUB 3D Scanning Spray in Action

Difficult surfaces that would benefit from spraying the object include:

  • Transparent / Clear
    Transparent / Clear

    Light goes through the surface. The 3D scanner will not be able to capture the necessary information to generate a 3D image.

  • Reflective / Metallic / Glossy
    Reflective / Metallic / Glossy

    For reflective parts (such as a mirror), the surface will create an effect that shatters the light, causing a less-than-ideal scanning situation.

  • Deep Grooves / Holes / Cavities
    Deep Grooves / Holes / Cavities

    The 3D scanner receives a reflection from the walls of the pocket. It causes a disturbance in the light pattern and can result in artifacts or poor scan data.

  • Dark Materials
    Dark Materials

    Dark or black surfaces absorb light. If you coat a part, the 3D scanning spray creates ideal scanning conditions for a structured-light 3D scanner.

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Original 3D Scanning Spray

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Specialty 3D Scanning Spray

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Why Choose Aesub 3D Scanning Spray?

Revolutionary Vanishing 3D Scanning Sprays

The AESUB brand is well-known for its vanishing type of 3D scanning sprays:

  • AESUB Blue (Original)
  • AESUB Orange (Long-lasting)
  • AESUB Green (Spray gun application for large objects)
  • AESUB Yellow (Metrology-grade for small objects)
  • AESUB Transparent (Color capture)

They have an advantage when compared with traditional sprays. The coating evaporates after time lapses without leaving any residue. This eliminates the otherwise time-consuming and tedious task of cleaning after scanning.

No Cross-Contamination With Vanishing Sprays

In addition, the AESUB vanishing sprays are free of any pigments. There is neither contamination of the measurement environment nor pigment deposits, for example in air filters. The spray can be used directly on the scanner with no cross-contamination–which was previously not possible.

* All AESUB vanishing sprays are pigment free. AESUB White Permanent spray (not a vanishing spray) contains pigments but is FREE of titanium dioxide nano particles (TiO2).

Handle Objects Without Issues After Spraying

Handle Objects Without Issues After Spraying

Traditional powder sprays cover but do not really adhere to the object’s surface. As a result, it’s extremely difficult to move or rearrange the object after it has been sprayed. The AESUB vanishing scanning spray sticks to the surface. It enables you to handle the object if needed without damaging the coating to produce high-quality 3D scans.

Works Great with Reference Dots

Works Great with Reference Dots

Reference points (i.e. photogrammetry dots) ensure you get high accuracy 3D scanning results when aligning scans together. Typically, these points do not adhere well to the surface with traditional powder sprays. You would have to place them before spraying. Once placed directly on the object to be scanned, it can be tedious to remove them and they often leave adhesive residues.

In contrast to powder sprays, reference points can be placed after spraying when using the AESUB vanishing 3D scanning spray. This eliminates the need for cleaning the points before scanning and allows for easy removal after scanning without such adhesive residues.

* Only applies to AESUB vanishing spray (not AESUB White)

AESUB white spray

Safer Option

Your health is very important. That’s why AESUB products are less toxic compared to similar sprays in the market. All AESUB products are FREE of harmful titanium dioxide (TiO2).

AESUB’s response is a spray that gives your target a consistent, non-reflective white coating, enabling the scanner to grab all the details you need. Coating disappears overnight, leaving no sticky mess to clean up – it’s like magic in a can.

develop3d logo
– Excerpt from about AESUB Blue

What’s New?

AESUB has expanded its lineup with two new products:

  • AESUB Yellow

    Inspection-Grade for Small Objects

    Airbrush Solution
    Disappears Up To 6 Hours

    AESUB Yellow is useful for 3D metrology applications for 3D scanning challenging surfaces of small parts. It only adds a film thickness of approximately 0.5 to 1 microns. Because it’s a vanishing solution, it doesn’t require any cleanup after your 3D scanning project is complete. Simply wait for the white coating to evaporate. No messy cleanup!

  • AESUB Transparent

    Capture Color, Dulling Spray

    Aerosol Solution
    Disappears Up To 4 Hours

    AESUB transparent is designed for photogrammetry, photography, film, Lidar, and other color-capturing 3D scanning methods. It eliminates reflections without the loss of color information while 3D scanning or photographing an object. There’s no need to clean or wipe off the spray after your scanning is completed.

  • AESUB Orange

    Long-Lasting, Vanishing Spray

    Aerosol Solution
    Disappears Up To 24 Hours

    Backed by customer demands, AESUB Orange is a new long-lasting, vanishing scanning spray. It’s similar to AESUB Blue except it evaporating within 24 hours instead of a few hours.

  • AESUB Green

    For Large-Scale Automated 3D Scanning

    Spray Gun Solution
    Disappears Up To 6 Hours

    AESUB green was developed for large-scale and automated scanning (for example, cars and boats). It evaporates in approximately 6 hours.

New Product: AESUB Dots

AESUB’s new product, AESUB dots, are circular markers you place on objects to make 3D scanning easier and faster. Placing dots on the scanned object enhances the effectiveness of the 3D scanner in tracking and aligning 3D scans. Additionally, markers improve the accuracy and repeatability of the scan results. AESUB Dots are self-adhesive and adhere to and work well with AESUB 3D scanning sprays.

Compare Results Without Coating
versus Coating With AESUB

AESUB Blue Vanishing Spray
Video Demo and Analysis

Our team wanted to understand how adding a 3D scanning spray can impact scanning results. While AESUB Blue vanishing spray adds ~8-15 microns of thickness to the part’s surface, it provides a consistent layer that aids the 3D scanner in capturing the true nature of the part. If scanned without spraying the part, the challenging surface would lead to poor scanning results.

How it Works:
3D Scanning a Reflective Part

In The Lab: Best Accessory for Overcoming 3D Scanning Challenges

In this episode of In The Lab, Art conducts four tests to see which 3D scanning accessory yield the best result. See how improving surface consistency by applying a 3D scanning spray like AESUB Orange produces the best 3D scans.

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Which 3D Scanning Spray is Right for Me?

  Vanishing Semi-permanent Specialty
Product AESUB Blue AESUB Orange AESUB Green AESUB White AESUB Yellow AESUB Transparent
Area Small to medium parts Small to medium parts Large parts Small to medium parts Small parts Small to medium parts
Requires Cleaning? No No No Yes – Need to wipe the coating off No No
Sublimation Time up to 4 hours up to 12-24 hours up to 6 hours Not applicable up to 4-6 hours up to 4 hours
Layer Thickness 8-15 µm 2-6 µm 10-20 µm 7 µm 0.5-1 µm 15-20 µm
Application White coating in aerosol can White coating in aerosol can Pour solution into spray gun (not included) White coating in aerosol can Pour solution into airbrush (not included) Clear coating in aerosol can
Ideal for
Quick Jobs: Working with scan parts that cannot be sprayed or cleaned of white coating. For quick scanning jobs.
Longer Jobs: Working with scan parts that cannot be sprayed or cleaned of white coating. Great for doing jobs where you need a longer lasting vanishing spray.
Large-scale Application: Great for scanning boats, cars, or parts that require large coating application with a spray gun.
Long Projects: 3D scanning projects that take more than a few hours to days.
The Budget Conscious: AESUB White is more economical compared to the vanishing sprays.
Metrology-Grade Application: AESUB Yellow adds a very thin layer of coating to make sure your scanning project is accurate for small objects.
Color Capture: It’s the only AESUB spray where the coating is transparent which allows you to capture the color of an object for challenging surfaces.
Aesub Blue
Aesub Orange
Aesub Green
Aesub White
Aesub Yellow
Aesub Transparent