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The Artec Micro II scans an object with a single-button operation, delivering ultra-high precision accuracy of up to 5 microns. It is well-suited for 3D visualization, product design, quality control, and metrology applications.

Scan Small Objects with Ease

Artec Micro II is 2x more accurate and scans larger objects compared to its predecessor.
Artec Micro II

The Artec Micro II is a compact metrology-grade desktop 3D scanner ready to scan in seconds. It’s a perfect solution for creating 3D digital replicas of small machine parts, jewelry, dentistry, and more.

Designed with minimal user involvement, simply mount the object on the scanning platform and you’re ready to scan. Watch in real-time as your scan unfolds on the computer screen in amazing detail. After minimal training with the Artec Micro, you will already be scanning on your own in under an hour.

See the Artec Micro II in Action

Artec Micro II At A Glance

  • Object Size
    Object Size

    Scan extra small to small objects up to 20cm

  • Accuracy

    Up to 5 microns

  • Repeatability

    Up to 2 microns

  • Optical Sensor
    Optical Sensor

    4 x 13 megapixel cameras

  • Automation

    1 click workflow

Artec Micro II scanning

Automated 3D Scanning 3d scanning in just one click

Powered by smart algorithms in Artec Studio, this desktop 3D scanner automatically positions your object to follow the best 3D scanning path. The result: Your object is thoroughly scanned from all sides, and in minimal time.

Why Choose Artec Micro II?

  • Capture Every Detail
    Capture Every Detail

    The 3D scanner is designed to create exact digital copies of small objects, tiny parts, and jewelry with high precision detail and accuracy.

  • Easy 3D Capture With Just One Click
    Easy 3D Capture With Just One Click

    The Artec Micro II desktop 3D scanner is fully-automated with a press of a button. It’s automated 3D scanning at its finest.

  • High Repeatable Results
    High Repeatable Results

    Data captured from Artec Micro II are industrial-quality results you can rely on. It’s great for demanding applications that need dependable results.

Artec Micro II

Coverage at Every Angle

Get deeper into the nooks of your object with the 3D scanner’s quad-cam scanning technique: four specially positioned 13 MP cameras to capture hard-to-see areas for high-level digitization.

What’s New With Artec Micro II?

Scan process closeup

Certified Repeatable Accuracy

This ISO-certified (ISO12836) desktop scanner is 2x more accurate as its predecessor, delivering 5 micron accuracy. 3D scanning the same item will produce the same results, with repeatability less than 2 microns each time.

Scan part size

Scan Larger Objects Up to 20 CM in Size

From tiny items that you can hold between two fingers up to objects that fit the palm of your hand (20 x 20 x 15 cm), the Artec Micro II requires minimal user involvement and absolutely no targets used for your scans.

Capturing fine details

Capturing Fine Details

As you can see from this digital 3D model, the Artec Micro II is impressive at capturing even the smallest print and the finest details.

Artec Micro II closeup

Let the Scanner do all the work

The Artec Micro II uses a rotation system perfectly synchronized for swing and rotation. You don’t need any scan alignment aids (no need to add targets or markers).

Simply sit back, and watch the scanner at work.

Applications for Artec Micro II

Artec Micro II is the best 3D scanner for reverse engineering, quality control, inspection, dentistry, jewelry, design, and any other areas where you need a 3D scanner for small objects with ultra-high accuracy.


3D Inspection

There is a need to ensure manufactured product quality levels are as high as possible. With human visibility threshold being about 40 microns, defects are difficult to find just by the naked eye. The Artec Micro II delivers extremely-high-precision scans at up to 5-micron accuracy. That’s one of the many reasons why 3D inspection is a great choice for quality control.


Reverse Engineering

If you have a small part to reproduce into CAD or you need to quickly redesign an existing part to mill or 3D print it, Artec Micro II does the job. Accelerate your design, prototype, and production cycle by weeks and save thousands in the process.


Cultural Heritage

The Artec Micro II macro 3D scanner gives you the power to make highly-detailed 3D models of a multitude of small cultural objects in just minutes. The 3D models can be digitally archived, or they can easily become a digital museum to share with other researchers and others locally or around the world. Send the files a 3D printer for printing in a variety of materials for educational or learning purposes.



Artec Micro II is creates precise CAD/CAM-ready 3D scans for lab use and 3D printing. The 3D scanner is ideal for scanning single teeth, entire arches, or complex impressions. Easily export the files from Artec Studio to ExoCAD and other dental software. These scans are perfect for creating exact digital reproductions and digital archives of patients’ records.



The traditional method of calipers and tracing methods to translate physical prototypes into design files is challenging and inaccurate. Within minutes, Artec Micro II transforms intricate jewelry items into CAD/CAM data for design, modification, 3D printing, and casting. Save hours of time in the design and production of complex and highly-detailed jewelry pieces with accuracy and ease.

Artec Micro II ring texture scan

Scan in Full Colour

Scan your small objects in full color with the Artec Micro II desktop 3D scanner. To get hyper-realistic 3D models, add color from high-resolution photos with a digital SLR camera using Artec Studio’s photo texturing feature.

Technical Specifications

Artec Micro II 3D Scanner
3D Accuracy Up to 5 microns, 2 micron repeatability
Accuracy Certificate ISO12836
Object Size 20cm x 20cm x 15cm
Object Weight 12kg
Full Color Scanning Yes
Smart Scanning Mode Yes
Target-Free Scanning Yes
Export Formats All popular formats, including STL, OBJ, PLY
Light Source RGB LED


Artec Studio 3D scanning software makes this seamless 3D scanning process even easier.

  • Metrology
    Inside Artec Studio

    Once your 3D scan data is captured, you can quickly and easily reverse engineer and inspect right in Artec Studio, or easily export to your favorite CAD or inspection software for further reports or inspection.

  • Scan to cad export
    Scan-to-CAD export

    Product design: Upload to Artec Studio to precisely position and fit your scans with CAD primitives, then export to SOLIDWORKS or other CAD software.

    Quality Inspection: Export directly to Geomagic Control X for in-depth reports.

Sample Scans

  • Teeth Plaster Cast

    Scanning time: 4 minutes
    Processing time: 20 minutes

  • Pipe Bend

    Scanning time: 4 minutes
    Processing time: 20 minutes

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